About us

Victoria Charitable Trust is a voluntary organization, a trust working for the social upliftment & holistic development of such communities who need help & support.

  • We focus on development & care for elderly, underprivileged children & women empowerment.
  • We are working in the rural & urban slums for the last few years


  • To increase and diffusion of knowledge.
  • To make a better world through kindness.
  • To inspire and empower women & underprivilized.
  • To provide lasting solution to hunger, social injustice & poverty.
  • To build healthier lives, safe drinking water and to preserve the ecosystem.
  • To preserve trees, increase plantation & to save our land and water.



  • To have a¬†happy, & healthy society.
  • A society where humanity is an only religion.
  • To empower individuals, families, & communities.

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